Scheduling a First Time Consultation

You must schedule an appointment to meet with Board Certified Immigration Attorney Suzanne Vazquez. There is a consultation fee that is earned for the time Suzanne spends with you. There is no time limit imposed. Many prospective clients wonder why Suzanne charges a fee when other attorneys do not. Suzanne considers that you are seeking legal advice from her so that you understand enough about your case to evaluate whether you need a lawyer or not. It is advisable that you spend the money for a consultation even if you decide to proceed with your “straightforward” case on your own. Do not assume anything- or rely on advice from non-lawyers. Get advice from a qualified expert!

Many law offices that offer a free consultation are only interested in making sure you hire them!

Suzanne Vazquez will never make a promise she can’t keep and you will get the truth. Suzanne believes you should have a meaningful grasp of where you stand legally and what you must do to establish your eligibility for a benefit. By the end of your consultation with Suzanne, you should have an understanding of your case and how the U.S. Immigration laws apply to your individual circumstances. We do not employ scare tactics or intimidation to convince you to hire us.

If you are interested in an appointment with Suzanne, please call the office at 407-674-6968 and schedule a consultation. In preparing for the consultation, it is recommended that you bring relevant documentation with you. If you prefer to see us at our Tampa location, please call us at 813-400-0055 to make an appointment.

Please bring the following with you to the consultation:

All immigration documentation including permanent resident cards, passports (with any visa and I-94 card), work permits, letters from  any immigration office or agency, advance parole documents, applications you have completed, etc. If your case is related to a job offer or an investment bring documentation relative to that as well.

If you are or have been in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court, please bring the “Notice to Appear”, which states the reasons why you are in removal proceedings and your status in the USA including how you entered.

If a family member has petitioned for you or you are a dependent (even if you are now an adult), please bring the family member's petitions and documents with you. If you are not sure what to bring then bring it all!

If you have a criminal record, it is extremely important to bring the following for each incident:

  1. An arrest report or criminal complaint is prepared by the arresting officer.
  2. A charging document (Information or Indictment) prepared and filed by the State attorney, District attorney, or U.S. attorney's office.
  3. The disposition is the final judgment, dismissal, jury verdict, etc. This will be issued by the court itself.

Please do not bring small children to the office. It is important for you and Suzanne to be able to focus 100% on your case.

Contact Board Certified Immigration Lawyer Suzanne E. Vazquez

US Immigration Attorney Suzanne E. Vazquez, certified as an expert in Immigration Law by the Florida Bar, has helped many clients in the past and would be glad to help you too. You may also call us at 813-400-0055 to make an appointment at our Tampa location. We can be reached during office hours at (407) 674-6968. If you have an emergency after office hours please call us at (407) 925-2554 and we will contact you shortly. You may also contact us by email at


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