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US Immigration AttorneyI take my role very seriously. I understand that your future is in my hands. When people ask me why they should hire me I find it helpful to give examples of the cases I have seen where individuals or U.S. companies consulted or hired me after the damage had already been done. Sometimes the damage can be undone, but often it is too late.

For example, a very nice nurse (we’ll call her Nilda) came to my office seeking my help to get her mother back to the USA. This nurse was a US citizen, so her mother was an immediate relative and a visa was immediately available to her. Her mother had come on a visitor visa some years earlier, but never left after her I-94 card expired.

Nilda went to the Immigration office and was given an application to file a petition for her mother. She was told to follow the instructions, which she did. Unfortunately, the instructions do not provide legal advice or explain the implications of your answers or choices. The application was eventually approved (after being rejected once and causing a two month delay). Afterwards, Nilda got another letter from the National Visa Center asking her to pay consular fees and to submit more applications. Once that was done, Nilda was notified that her mother had an appointment at the consulate in her home country, so her mother left the United States and went to the interview.

At the interview, the visa was denied. This was because Nilda’s mother had triggered a 10 year bar to return to the USA when she departed due to her unlawful presence after her I-94 card expired. Nilda then sought help from a paralegal services company and she filed a waiver for the unlawful presence bar. However, it too was denied because Nilda was not a qualifying relative for that type of waiver.

This situation was devastating and I was really saddened by it because there was little I could do. The travesty is that Nilda’s mom never needed to leave the USA to get her permanent residence. She could have adjusted her status in the USA because unlawful presence would not have been a problem for an immediate relative who entered the United States with inspection.

I have been practicing U.S. Immigration law since 1999. I am Board Certified as an expert in this area of law by the Florida Bar. I have handled large volumes of cases including family petitions, work related petitions filed by U.S. Companies and also deportation and removal cases. I have encountered all kinds of complex scenarios over the years. The story above should never have become complex. I encourage you to at least sit down and review your case with me before you file anything. It could be the best $100.00 you ever spent. And just a word about “free consultations.” I wish I could provide them, but my time is my trade. Most firms that offer free consultations are not concerned that you walk out of their office with a full understanding of your legal options, but rather that you hire them. So in essence, it is a sales pitch which may or may not be pitched by a lawyer. My role, and what I love doing, is meeting you personally and helping you make informed decisions. I promise you that if your case is easy, I will say so, and then you can rest assured that you will not end up like Nilda or her mother.

Suzanne E. Vazquez
Immigration Attorney
Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Immigration and Nationality Law

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